How does pricing work on

At we always charge our B2B customers, job and quantity fees. Next to this, there are different pricing plans which influence the job and quantity fee.

Product pricing:

Our product pricing build-up is very simple: we do not add any margin on top of our product pricing. Why? Because we do not handle the actual printing, this money is for the receiving printing facility. we get a wholesale price, as the print facility gets our orders for free.


Pricing plan subscriptions:

Job Fees

Let us introduce the following scenario as an example. 

Image you want to order 500 folders, printed in portrait mode, on 250 gsm paper, size A6, with a delivery address in The Netherlands.


The height of the job fees depends on your pricing plan.

The Starter level does not pay any monthly subscription fee, and operates with job fees of €2.50 fixed per job + €0.25 x the number of copies in the job.

The Business Level and Enterprise Level have a fee ranging from €1 - €1.50 for each job + €0.10 - €0.15 x the number of copies in the job.

Here is more information about our pricing plans


Most of the copies are stacked per one, like books, canvasses, etc. Products like stationery, flyers, etc. are stacked per quantity, so you do not pay for every copy. or else it would be very cost-inefficient

If you have questions on the stacking or anything regarding the different pricing plans, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Success Team via chat, or email;