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How to Design a Brochure?

Learn how to design and print a Brochure globally with Cloudprinter.com in just a few simple steps.

Download Brochure Templates in all available sizes in AI and PDF formats via the link

With the help of the templates, you can prepare the file for print in your Adobe Illustrator simply and easily.

*While preparing your file for print, you’ll have to exclude the bleeds layer.

Follow these simple steps to design and prepare your Brochure for print:


1. Choose the size and page orientation.
To design and prepare your Brochure for print with Cloudprinter.com, you'll first of all have to choose one of the sizes available at Cloudprinter.com https://www.cloudprinter.com/brochure-print-online-worldwide
After that, don't forget to decide which fits better for your Brochure — landscape, portrait, or square page orientation.

2. Select 1 or 2-sided cover print.

While you're designing and preparing your Brochure for print you'll also need to opt for a single-sided or double-sided print of the Brochure cover.

The inner sides of the cover can either be printed or left blank — simply choose the preferred option.

3. Mind the number of pages.

Keep in mind that your Brochure can be 8 pages at a minimum and up to 100 pages long at a maximum. At the same time, the number of pages in your Brochure should be divisible by 4.

4. The print file’s requirements.

The print file must include the Brochure cover and the Brochure page block as one file (each page should be designed separately in the order you want to read your Brochure e.g. 1-20):

In case you want to have 16 pages Brochure, the print file must include 20 pages - 16 pages for the page block and 4 pages for the cover:

Page 1 - cover’s front 1st page with the cover’s front image;
Page 2 - cover’s front 2nd page and is printed or blank;
Page 3 - the page blocks 1st page with the required printed information;
Page 18 - the page blocks the 16th page (the last) with the required printed information;
Page 19 - cover’s back 3rd page and is printed or blank;
Page 20 - the cover’s back 4th page with the cover’s back image.

5. Set Bleeds.

Another step on your way while you're designing and preparing your Brochure for print is to set the bleeds.
For this, add 3 mm (0.125 in) to each side of the Brochure page. This way, you'll make sure all the important data is within the safe zone of bleed areas.

6. Brochure specifications:

The binding type — staple binding
Cover paper—coated silk
Lamination type — matte or gloss

7. Prepare the Brochure file for printing

- Set 300 DPI resolution
- Choose RGB print
- Save the file in PDF/X-4.

Well done! Now you can print your Brochure all over the world as close to the delivery destination as possible.

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