Product price sheet Wall Decoration, Gifting and Clothing Product Guide

After having benchmarked some initial product pricing we will share with you our full price list. We need you to fill out the prices for the products and sizes that you can produce.

We have created a price spreadsheet for Print Partners which can be filled out and reused every time something changes. We as Cloudprinter will update this spreadsheet with new products every time. When we do, you will receive an updated spreadsheet so you can decide if you can include these new products in your production. The spreadsheet has a unique reference e.g.: Original template - FULL PRODUCT LIST - CP Product Catalogue.

You can rename the spreadsheet by adding your company name and a version e.g.: Test-Cloudprinter V1 FULL PRODUCT LIST. This way when you send the spreadsheet back to us we can always find the correct information back.

Below we will explain how this spreadsheet is built up and how you can complete it.

The first page of this spreadsheet is a guide explaining how to calculate the final price for each category of products.

The second page is a description of product specifications and abbreviations. 

The other pages in a file are specific categories of products: books, magazines, posters, gifting, etc.

Wall decoration 

This category includes such products as canvases, photo tiles, wood, aluminium, and plexi wall decor. 

  • Canvases: please note that in a file we have 3 types of frame thickness: 0.75 inches (20cm.) 1,25 inches (30cm.) and 1,5 inches (40cm.).

Please review all the sizes and fill out the prices for the available options.

  • Wood wall decor: we have a 20 mm. thickness of the product available.

  • Aluminium, plexiglass wall decor, and photo tiles: there are 3 mm. and 5 mm. thickness options.
    • The price has to be filled per 1 product
  • The weight is required for all wall decoration products (except for photo tiles), please put it in suitable columns.

Gifting and Clothing 

The weight is also required for these categories. It helps the system to correctly calculate the final price based on specifications and shipping. 

We have different types of printing products in both categories:

  • Gifting: Puzzles with boxes, Mousepads, Mugs, Blankets, Pillows, and Beach Towels.
  • Clothing: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Polo shirts.

Please carefully review all the sizes and specifications in a file before filling out the prices.

Additionally, we would appreciate it if you let us know which technology you are using for printing on clothes. For example, thermal transfer or DTG technology. 

For all products, we need the SLA - production time and cut-off time. We also require an average daily capacity to better understand the company’s production capabilities. Please fill in this information in the suitable columns.

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