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How to Design a Business Card?

Learn how to design and print a Business Card globally with Cloudprinter.com in just a few simple steps.

Download Business Card Templates in all available sizes in AI and PDF formats via the link

With the help of the templates, you can prepare the file for print in your Adobe Illustrator simply and easily.

*While preparing your file for print, you’ll have to exclude the bleeds layer.

Follow these 5 simple steps to design and prepare your Business Card for print:

  1. Choose the size
    To design your Business Card, you'll have to choose the size. Currently, there are only 2 standard sizes: the International — 85x55 mm (3.35x2.17 in) and the US — 89x51 mm (3.5x2 in).
  2. Set bleeds
    Simply extend your Business Card design to the bleed line — add 3mm (0.125 in) at each side and include all necessary information within the bleed area.

    We also recommend avoiding placing text or important information inside of the safe zone - the 3mm inside of the cutting edge in order not to be clipped when cutting.
    This way, you won't lose any data while you design your Business Card.
  3. Select 1 or 2-sided print
    If you need to include several blocks of information (logo, company data, contact info, etc.) better go for double-sided print, so as not to overcrowd your Business Card.

    If you want to keep your Business Card concise and only add the most important data, better choose the single-sided print.
  4. Settle high resolution
    To ensure you get high-quality Business Cards, choose 300 DPI resolution while designing your business card in Illustrator or any other tool you're using.
  5. Prepare file for printing

- Set 300 DPI resolution
- Choose RGB print 
- Save the file in PDF/X-4

Well done! Now you can print your Business Card all over the world as close to the delivery destination as possible.