Can I change the address for my order?

We get this question frequently and collected all the helpful data about this topic in one article so you could feel comfortable and independent having access to all the information you need.

Which order status is the green light to change the address information?

You can change the address by yourself in our system from your Admin when the order was not pushed into production - usually, after placing the order it takes approximately 5 minutes. 

How to know if the order did not go into production? 

You can find this information on your admin account. Following this link look for more tips on how to navigate your admin account. 

In case the order was already in production the moment you noticed the mistake, please contact Cloudprinter customer service via email at Our support team will help you to know if there are any chances to change the address information after the order went into production. We can't guarantee you a 100% positive result. The order can be already shipped but we anyway will contact the print facility in order to try to pass the information to the delivery company

How long it will take to get the address change confirmation?

As a company, we created 24/7 support for our customers to feel comfortable. But not everything is in our hands. We work with print facilities all around the world and in different time zones. And this communication takes time and sometimes even days. The average time to get the answer is from 1 to 2 days. 

What is the way? 

To avoid this kind of issue we would kindly ask you to double-check the address information with your customers before the order is going to be placed. In some cases, there is no possibility to change address information. 

*also please pay attention that the address can not be changed within one country