What does Cloudprinter.com do in case you received a damaged product?

Learn how Cloudprinter.com will help you in case your print product was damaged during production, shipping, or was not delivered at all.

Cloudprinter.com offers a free reprint if your order was damaged during production. If you made a print order via one of our connected apps and your products were damaged during shipping, reorder can only be offered if you had chosen a tracked shipment option while making your original order. 

Please note that the reorder function is available for a period of 60 days following the original order date.

You can find all approved reorder causes at:


We do not require any evidence! We are a fully automated platform, and we know that customer support costs everybody time, effort, and money which should be spent elsewhere in your business.

How do you place a reorder?
You can find more details about the reorder functionality in our documentation.

A reorder is generated based on your original order. There'll be no need to add the files or re-enter all the data like shipping details, once over.

This reorder functionality can be built into the backend of your system. No matter whether you use a platform like ShopifyWoocommerce, or our direct API integration for your own website.

If you made an order via our API integration, you won't need to specify quote, shipping level or shipping option, as the system will automatically take the data from your original order.

Using the reorder function is simple and easy — choose a predefined reorder cause in the dropdown menu. Add some personal notes to it, and push the order.

Find the documentation on it below:

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