Features: Routing profiles

One of the features on our Business level is the routing profiles. What do we mean by this?

When creating an account with us you have access to our full print network in every country, when placing an order our Smart Routing Algorithm, which holds many parameters, will decide in 0.14 milliseconds to which print facility your orders are routed. This works fantastically, but it could be that according to the parameters, it is sent to Print facility A, but print facility B is also in the area, with for example; a faster shipping method, and you wish to have that option. Or Print facility C is printing on a certain printing machine, that your business prefers.


To be able to have some control over where your orders are going for different products, we introduced routing profiles for our business-level subscription. this means that with careful sampling, you can decide if an order should go outside of our Smart Routing Algorithm. To be able to use this feature, you need to get in contact with your Cloudprinter representative. they can set this up technically, and advise you in each region you want to operate, what works best. 


On the Enterprise level, you can have custom routing, which is almost the same, but you are not limited to 10 products.


if you have questions about this, or you would like to set up this feature for your products, contact our 24/7 Customer Succes Team, or fill in our contact form.