Getting started with VAT

Find out what VAT is, and how it applies to your orders.

Important: We do not offer professional tax advice. Please consult a tax specialist to find out your specific obligations.
is producing locally in more than 104 countries, selecting the location closest to your customer. This way, we secure the correct handling of your delivery to your customers, reducing the number of extra charges, customs, and delays. The team always ensures we comply with the rules of every country where we offer our services.

What is VAT? 

VAT stands for Value-Added-Tax. It's placed on each stage of the supply chain (e.g. production, sale) for goods and services. VAT applies to orders that ship to a customer in one of the EU member states (based on the delivery address). 

When to consider VAT? 

The tax has to be considered when you’re purchasing products from and charging your customers for them. The exact tax obligation depends on several factors, such as: 

  • whether you’re a registered VAT payer; 
  • where your company/business is registered; 
  • where is registered; 
  • where the order is fulfilled and shipped (typically it’s one country);
  • who organizes transport for the delivery of goods.

Why does require the customer's VAT number? is a Business to Business (B2B) platform that deals with business entities and taxes. To open an account with, every business is required to hold a VAT number in their respective country. 

How do we calculate VAT? 

When needs to charge tax, you will see the applicable taxes in the checkout and as a line item on your billing invoices and receipts.’s local tax number will be written on your invoice.

We calculate VAT according to the following formula: (Cloudprinter product price + shipping + Cloudprinter fee)*VAT rate

Where is registered as a VAT payer? is currently registered as a VAT payer in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

We’re actively working on registering tax entities in more countries. More information is coming soon.