How to add a new product if it's not available?

Do you want to order a print product that is not pre-configured in our Product overview? This article describes how a product can be added to our catalog for your exclusive use.

When you have a product that is not yet in our catalog, please reach out to us . If it is a product that should have been there or is a newly developed product, we can add it to the catalog for all of our clients. The main condition for this is that the new product will be Generally Available. We can do so if you are currently running a Business service level subscription.

In case you want to add a really specific product to your personal catalog, a product that probably no one else of our clients will be using, we can do this for you if you have an Enterprise subscription.

Why do we charge for this?

What happens next is two things. First of all, our team has to reach out to all of our print partners, to see who is capable of producing the desired product, and at what cost. We have to add the product manually to our system and update all prices and availabilities. This simply consumes time and hence we account for the cost of it.

At this point, we have an overview of whether the new product can be available and at what cost. Next to this, we have to develop the template and its product options. This means that we have to learn our system to recognize your PDF that it is of a certain kind and that it meets the requirements of the template. We charge a development cost for this.

When the product template, product options, and pricing have been uploaded, we can add it to our catalog and make it available for you. As long as you are running the Enterprise service level, it will be available in your personal library.