How to Connect to Shopify Integration

In this video, we'll show you how to start using our Shopify integration in a few simple steps.


Integrate your Shopify store with in a few simple steps: 

  1. To connect your Shopify store to, you'll first need to log into your active accounts on both platforms.  
  2. After you've logged into your Shopify account, go to Apps. Then, click the Visit the Shopify App Store button. Now, search for the app in the search bar. 
  3. Choose the Cloudprinter app and click the Add app button. Then, click on the Install app button. Go to the settings and copy the link. 
  4. Now go to your Print Cloud dashboard, choose Shopify integration, and tick the box in the App configuration block. Paste the copied link in the field and press the Save button. 
  5. Go back to Shopify, click the login button, fill in your account details and press the Yes, Authorize button. Choose the Cloudprinter account to use with Shopify and click the Authorize button. 

Now, you can start using your integration with Shopify to the full: Link the products you sell to product templates, set up the print and shipping cost margin and Cloudprinter will take care of printing and delivering your products worldwide. 

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If you have any questions or want to learn more about Shopify integration, visit our help center or simply contact us.