How to create and configure products

Now you've connected and Zoho CRM Plus, it's time to create printed products for further ordering. To do this, follow these few steps.



  1. To create a new product open the Products tab.
  2. Press the + button.
  3. Here you can add different information about the product, but here are the necessary fields: Product owner (you or someone else), Product Name, Vendor Name (choose Cloudprinter, or create a new vendor with this name), and Unit Price. Other fields are optional and products can be created without this information.
    Press Save to save the information about the product and move on.
  4. On this page press the Setup products button.
    First, you will set up the category of product, product type, paper, and a number of pages, and add the link to the product PDF file (and Cover PDF file URL for some products).
  5. Press the Save button to create a new product