How to enable dynamic files in Shopify

This approach will allow you to use the dynamically created product files after a customer places an order at Shopify.

You just need to implement the API  endpoint that generates the product pdf and returns the link to the file.

This endpoint is called by our app before the order is placed to

Go to the Settings of the Cloudprinter Shopify app  (Settings - Advanced), where you need to specify the link to the API endpoint and generate a security token.



If your infrastructure supports it, make sure HTTP/2 is enabled on the endpoint.


Here is an example of the call sent to your service:

HTTP request:


Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer    



  "orderId": "*",

  "itemId": "*",

  "fileTypes": ['product']




orderId Shopify order ID
itemId Shopify order line item ID
fileTypes list of file types for which you need to generate PDF



  • Your endpoint must respond with a 2XX status code (e.g. 200, 201, 204, etc).
  • Your endpoint must respond within 5 seconds

Response data:

  files: [


        type: "product",

        url: "https://link-to-the-file",

        md5sum: "md5 sum of the file"





File item parameters:

type product file type
url URL to the product file for the specific item
md5sum Md5 sum of the file - used for validation