How to make a test order in Shopify

Before going live we always recommend making an order to test the workflow. Don’t worry this order won’t be printed and shipped, so you don't have to pay for it. But you will see how the workflow works from the beginning to the end.

You first need to enable the Sandbox mode that would allow you to make a test order in Shopify with Cloudprinter. 

  1. Go to Shopify. On the left-side menu, go to Apps and select Cloudprinter
  2. Go to Settings, and tick the box for Sandbox in the Order mode section. 

Follow these steps to make a test order:

  1.  To start, go to Orders on the left menu and press Create Order.
  2. Select the available products you want to test. 
  3. In the customer section choose the person from the list or create a new one for the test. The shipping address can be any, but be sure to choose the country where the Cloudprinter product is available. Also, make sure that you provide the phone number of the customer.
  4. In the payment section, press Add shipping. Since you’re in test mode and this order won’t go to production, you can select the free shipping option. 
  5. Press Collect payment and select Mark as paid. In the following view, press Create Order.
  6. Go to Apps on the left-side menu and select Cloudprinter. Open Orders on the menu at the top of the page.
  7. If you have automated order posting then it will be already in the process. If you are using manual posting, then you need to press POST TO CP, so the order can be processed.

The order is now posted and you can check its status. Well done! You can now move on to live orders. To switch back to live mode, tick the Live box.