How to set up Dropbox in WooCommerce

Our platform allows you to connect to Dropbox, so you can use it together with WooCommerce. Here’s a detailed instruction on how you can set it up.

  1. Go to the Dropbox Developers app console. 
  2. Press the blue button Create app.
  3. Select an API
  4. Select the type of access – App folder.
  5. Set a unique app-name (eg. [storename]-woocommerce) and press Create App.
  6. Open the app. In the settings tab, search for Chooser/Saver/Embedder domains and write "". 
  7. In the Permissions tab enable the following scopes: files.content.write, sharing.write, 
  8. Go back to the settings tab. In the OAuth 2 section, set Access token expiration to No expiration, press the button Generate, and copy the access token.
  9. Go back to WooCommerce, paste the access token and press Save changes.

That’s all, you’re all set to go!