How to use other currencies in WooCommerce

If you want to make use of WooCommerce in a different currency, other than Euro, we have made a temporary workaround.

With 3 easy steps, we work around the currency issue by:
- Changing the currency setup
- Setting margins based on exchange rates
- Setting Product pricing based on exchange rates


1. Go to WooCommerce / Settings / General. When scrolling down, you can find ‘’currency options’’, where you can select your preferred currency.


2. Go to General settings. Here, you can set a margin on your shipping costs, corresponding to currency differences. 


3. For Product Pricing, go to WooCommerce / Product / Edit Product.  In order to make sure your pricing is adequate, you can do a price check in advance. 

Since this is a temporary workaround, we still charge in EUR, from our end. This is also what you would see in the price check. Make sure you set up your pricing accordingly.

After the setup, your store is able to operate in other currencies.

Your customers can now be charged in a currency other than Euro, and your store will reflect this with the setup prices. We will inform everybody in a newsletter when the Multi-currency is set up.