Meanings of the errors in the Dashboard

Errors occur but there is always a solution. Here we included the reasons they occur and how to approach each of them.

Verify Error

The verify error occurs due to different internal reasons that relate to a product or its size, shipping option, etc. The most common solution to this error is cancelling the order and making a new one. 

For example:

  • There is no print partner available for the chosen country.  
  • The client chose a shipping option that does not match the print partner. To handle this, you have to completely reset the order with the correct shipping ID. 
  • The ordered product should be available in the price check. If it’s not there, you should escalate it to the regional print manager. 

Collect payment

It usually takes up to 30 minutes to process. If the order is stuck in the “Verified” status it could also be connected to a payment issue, meaning that the payment method was not added at all. 

Download error

The download error occurs when provided links aren’t in public access and files aren’t auto-downloadable.

Solution: cancel the existing order and make a new link that is in public access and files are downloadable. It can be changed in your Dropbox settings.

An example of the correct link here.

An example of the incorrect link here

Render error

The render error occurs when there is an issue with the file. It could be related to an MD5 sum mismatch or a wrong page count in the file. 

For instance: you chose to have a 100-page book in specifications, but uploaded 150 pages. Or you uploaded a horizontal orientation that is supposed to be vertical. The system automatically finds this mismatch and notifies you.

Solution: You should cancel the current order and upload the right file.

Upload error

The upload error occurs when pushing the order to production. It means there is a bad connection between Cloudprinter and the print facility. 

The Cloudprinter team immediately processes this issue with the print facility. 

Don’t be afraid of these errors, our team of specialists always has your back. If you have any questions – feel free to contact our Support Team via chat.