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How to Design a Mousepad?

Learn how to design and print a Mousepad globally with Cloudprinter.com in just a few simple steps.

Download Mousepad Templates in all available sizes in AI and PDF formats via the link. 

With the help of the templates, you can prepare the file for print in your Adobe Illustrator simply and easily.

*While preparing your file for print, you’ll have to exclude the bleeds layer.

Follow these 3 simple steps to design and prepare your Mousepad for print:

  1. Choose Mousepad size
    Select from available Mousepad sizes. Currently available size is 180 x 220 mm (7.874 x 11.811 in) 

    Keep in mind that only single-sided print is available for Mousepads.  

    Before sending your Mousepad for print, make sure to check currently available sizes.

  2. Set bleeds

    Set 10 mm (0.394 in) bleed areas at each side of your mousepad.

    Remember that the edges of your Mousepad will be rounded. 

    With the help of bleeds, you'll ensure all important information is kept safe.

  3. Prepare Mousepad file for printing 
  • Set 300 DPI resolution
  • Choose RGB print 
  • Save the file in PDF/X-4.

Well done! Now you can print your Mousepad all over the world as close to the delivery destination as possible.