My order is stuck in the error

Sometimes it might happen that your order experiences an error. So this article was made to learn more about the types of errors that can occur, and how to fix them or avoid them.

Render error

Occurs when there is an issue with files/size of the file/specs of the file. 

For instance: you chose a 100 pages book in specs but downloaded 150 pages. Or landscape orientation which is supposed to be portrait. The system automatically finds this mismatch and notifies you.

Solution: cancel this order and download the proper one.

Download error

Occurs when the platform is not able to download your files. 

Solution: cancel this order and make a new proper one. There are two important moments:

  1. The link should be downloadable

  2. It must have public access.

You can make this easy using Dropbox.

Upload error

Occurs with pushing the order to production. No worries, we will fix this issue ASAP with the print facility.

There’s no fault from your side, so just keep calm while our amazing team is working on this issue.

Verify error

An internal error could have different reasons. Please check with the success team, they`ll help you to find the best solution.

Mostly, it relates to the chosen product or its size, shipping option parameter, etc.

Solution: cancel this order and make a new one.

Do not be afraid of these errors, as we have a whole team of specialists who solve them for you :)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Support team via chat.