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How to Design Stickers

Learn how to design and print a Sticker Sheet globally with Cloudprinter.com in just a few simple steps.

Follow these 4 simple steps to design and prepare your sticker sheet for print: 

1. Choose Sticker Sheet size
Check available sizes before sending your Sticker sheet for global print with Cloudprinter.com

2. Choose a Sticker Sheet shape

You can choose the full format size sticker (A4, A5, A6, etc.) or set custom shape stickers on one sticker sheet.

3. Set die-cut shape
Add the die-cut line with the name 'cut contour' in a Pantone color and make sure it is located within the limits of the picture.

4. Prepare a Sticker Sheet file for printing 

  • Set 300 DPI resolution

  • Choose RGB print

Save the file in PDF/X-4.

Well done! Now you can print your Sticker Sheet all over the world as close to the delivery destination as possible.