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How to Design a Textbook?

Learn how to prepare your print-ready files for a Textbook in just a few simple steps.

Download Textbook Templates in all available sizes in AI and PDF formats via the link. 

With the help of the templates, you can prepare the file for print in your Adobe Illustrator simply and easily.

*While preparing your file for print, you’ll have to exclude the bleeds layer.

Follow these simple steps to prepare a print-ready file for your Textbook print:

  1. Choose the cover type, size and page orientation
    To prepare files for your book, you'll first have to choose from one of the sizes that Cloudprinter.com supports.

  2. Mind the number of pages 
    A book starts from 24 pages at a minimum. The number of pages should always be able to be divided by 4.

  3. The number of files required for a book:

    The print-ready files for a book consist of 2 separate files:
    - Cover file
    - Book block file

  4. Set up your files 
    The templates that we offer are lines, and measurements for the bleed, squeeze, wrap, and spine depending on the cover type. If you need to calculate the spine for your book, you can do this with our spine width calculator.

    This way, you'll make sure all the important data is within the safety zone of the bleed areas for every printer worldwide.

    If you’re designing a Textbook with a Coil binding, keep in mind that there should be at least 10 mm of safe zone on the Coil binding side in the cover and the book block files in order not to clip important information while binding.

  5. Prepare the Book file for printing

    - Set 300 DPI resolution
    - Choose RGB print
    - Save the file in PDF/X-4

Well done! Now you can upload your file and print all over the world as locally as possible to your customer.