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Where can I find a list of customers and print partners?

Cloudprinter.com routes print orders globally through its API to local print facilities nearest to the end customer. Cloudprinter.com works with clients through different types of orders, integrations, and subscriptions. Cloudprinter.com’s print partners usually offer a wide range of print products. As a multi-sided platform, Cloudprinter.com provides its services to a huge number of companies without ever disclosing confidential information about customers or print partners.

Cloudprinter.com does not share a list of its print partners in the network to ensure customers have only one point of contact. Also, this is included in the NDA with all partnered facilities.

If there is any question about a print partner’s product quality, Cloudprinter.com takes every measure to deliver the highest quality and standards in the industry. Print facilities are tested to ensure customers receive high-quality products.

Whenever companies want more transparency from the network, Cloudprinter.com and its enterprise contract allow companies to sample, check product quality and decide if Cloudprinter.com is the best-automated print-on-demand platform for their company.

Here are some thoughts from one of Cloudprinter.com’s print partners Gld print & media


Cloudprinter.com does not share a customer list for the same reason its print partners don’t. Cloudprinter.com stands by its privacy agreements with all its customers and extends this policy to everyone on the platform.

To highlight the platform’s tireless dedication to customer satisfaction, here is a testimony from one of Cloudprinter.com’s many satisfied customers, Genius Books & Media


Contact the customer success team anytime to get guides and help with integration questions or troubleshooting.

Does Cloudprinter.com have white labels?

Yes, orders placed on Cloudprinter.com are printed with the print customer’s design without mentioning the print facility that fulfilled the order.