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Where can I find the prices?

Cloudprinter.com routes print orders through an API to print facilities locally anywhere in the world,  meaning the shortest shipping times and distances for end customers. 

There is no set price list since the 170+ print partners are all over the world. The price depends on multiple factors:

- Country (because each country has different pricing and capabilities)
- Product
- Amount of items in an order
- Amount of copies of the items
- Options
- Shipping
- Cloudprinter.com service level

There are two options:

  1. Contact customer support via chat, and they will price check any products and send the information via email.
    To perform the price check, send a working email address and details about the products being price checked (size, which type of poster-like outdoor/banner/regular; full color or BW; destination country; currency, etc)
    - Please provide any needed parameters or specifications.
  2.   Register for free at Cloudprinter.com, and price check any item through the platform without having to contact customer support.