Shopify Integration steps

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to integrate your Shopify store to Detailed articles on each topic can be found here.

Detailed articles on each topic can be found here.

Steps to complete:

1. Create Cloudprinter PrintCloud Account .

2. Install the Cloudprinter app in the Shopify store.

3. Go to app settings - general - copy the OAuth2 link and paste it to the Cloudprinter dashboard.

4. Come back to the Shopify store and Login to Cloudprinter with your credentials. Detailed instruction is here.

5. Set all appropriate settings (Cloudprinter app->Settings->General)

6. Link your products with Cloudprinter templates. A detailed guide is here.

7. Set the shipping as either automated or manual

8. Do the price check and set the margin on your products.

9. Enable dynamic files if you are selling personalized products. The documentation is here.

10. Add payment method in Cloudprinter dashboard.

11. Make an order in Sandbox mode (to check whether everything is working - the order will not be printed and shipped).

12. Make the first real order (the order will be printed and shipped).